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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 1, 2009 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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confessed to murder in 1993. why did it take 16 years to reopen the case? no idea. bill: 70 years ago, my mother was going. happy birthday, mom. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: wildfires raging out of control in the hills above los angeles. heather is in for jane today. you are looking live at the flames there. the fire burning for six days straight and showing no signs of slowing down. it has scorched 120,000 acres right now, four times the size of san francisco. more than 50 homes up in smoke
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already, and more into line of this dangerous fire. adam is live in california. what is going on? >> the flames are massive year. it is smoldering a bet. the firefighters like to say when it comes down to the heat rises, flames get their order and smaller. there are homes behind me, 50 or so. when it comes down this hill, they will try to put the fire out. as the sun comes up over the clouds and ash flows down like snow. you will now see the flames up there, and the amount -- there are hundreds of homes here. this is not some neighborhood built in recent years.
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we are told the latest numbers are 122,000 acres scorched by this fire, more than 50 homes destroyed. has been a difficult firefight. it is dry and warm today, and we're not necessarily seen wind, but when a fire comes close to you it tries to create its own weather system, meaning it starts to kick up the window a little bit. we're starting to feel that, blowing smoke and ash into our faces, and firefighters have to deal with that up there. we were just behind the house there, and there were having an issue with water pressure, bringing in an exterior hose from a hydrant down the street. the plug and to number nine there, and it is redirected out. they go to the back of the house and the backyard and the one next door, as well. they will lock the flames down as they come into the area. jon: and it was evacuated just
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this morning, right? >> it was. homeowners are still here. they went down the street at times, and the flames were about one and 50 feet high as they hit some trees. a homeowner in this house now has been spraying down his trees. a couple of other homes on either side of these three, the homeowners were literally driving out at about 2:45 this morning local time. their cars were facing out. when you drive the neighborhood, about 85% of residents are already out, and those that stay, all of their cars are facing out of their driveways, filled with their possessions, prepared to drive out if need be. jon: is evacuation mandatory? >> it is, but you also have a right to stay in your home.
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they cannot force them out. having said that, 85% of people left. according to the share this morning -- the sheriff this morning. they have been held at this point in some of the homes because they were able to spread out and stuff, but firefighters would rather have you leave and stay. -- leave and stay -- leave rather than stay. jon: here is what some southern california viewers see going out of the window. donna, also attended heading from burbank to las vegas, shot. take a look at how far the smoke is traveling. if you are in that part of california and can safely get snapshots, send them to us at
11:05 am you can upload pictures, even video, and check out what others are sending. heather: all look at the markets right now. down just about 20 points or so on the first day of trading for the month. an important day for car companies. jenna lee is reporting from the classic car club of manhattan. good morning. >> a down note for the start of the month. september is usually a rough month for the market his darkly. it looks like we're starting off that way. you are right, a big day for car companies. auto sales to the month of august, sometimes over the next hour or two hours -- it is going to let us know just how successful that cash for progress program really was. i am in a place that does not depend on leasing or sales. it is the car club of manhattan,
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as i mentioned. i will show you a little bit about this club and to tell you more about these cars and the auto industry coming up in a little bit. but as you mentioned, markets are down and will be back with more cars in just a little bit. jon: some time, ask her what happens to her classic car. there's quite a story. president obama told congress he plans to reduce cost-of-living raises for civilians next year. he says the reduction is appropriate, considering the current economic situation. it would give workers a 2% pay raise, down from 2.4%. congress can still override that decision. heather: a new cyber security bill is making waves, with lawmakers considering a plan to give the president special powers in the event of a cyber attack. but critics fear that could give the president the go-ahead to
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control the internet and maybe even shut down your personal computer. catherine herridge is live with us in washington this morning. who is behind this bill? >> it is a complex story a part of the bill, called desirous security act of 2009. two senators, jay rockefeller and olympia snowe, summing up legislation, it would allow the president to declare a cyber- security emergency and do what is necessary to protect the country and respond. heather: under what circumstances will this be used? >> the definition of the scenario that people point to is the russian invasion of georgia last summer in august. that was a two-prong, two-front attack on that country. we had a tax ruling and in
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august, and at the same time, a security attack was launched on a georgia in government website. we have been covering security for years, and that is the attack they fear the most. one in which first responders cannot communicate because the internet communication systems have been crippled. heather: is there anything in the bill to protect average people from having the government go in and select individuals who they do not want to have access to the computer? >> that may be an overly broad look at legislation, because one issue at stake is that there are not a lot of detailed definitions. critics -- because people are down the middle -- but people looking at legislation sake, well, how will we define an emergency? who will define that? would it be the president, and if so, would you have a
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situation were he is defining an emergency and giving himself control over the internet or other websites. that is the crux right now. but it is vague, and it needs to be specific when you consider who it could impact. jon: palin endangers wildfire near los angeles. take a look live at a fast- moving flames inching closer to thousands of homes. more than 50 have burned already. there also moving closer to a well-known animal sanctuary that is under mandatory evacuation orders. that is where michael jackson's tigers are living now. the fight to save them, next. and the latest discovery of the house supporters in northern california where philip garrido held jaycee dugard.
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jon: police investigating the man charged with kidnapping a little girl and hiding him in his backyard for 18 years. they are testing bone fragments to see if there animal or human. phillip garrido once lived on this property in antioch, calif., in a shed. police are looking for possible links to unsolved crimes in the area. him and his wife, nancy, are charged with 29 counts leading to the kidnapping, rape, and and president -- imprisonment of jaycee dugard, kidnapped in 1991. heather: tracking 81 and 1. -- h1n1. public schools in milwaukee are
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preparing for the worse. developing a program that would respond to a widespread outbreak of the virus, it is called the sofa program. what is this? is not sitting around on captors, is it? >> so far is the name of the program that the school district in milwaukee will implement in the event that schools are shut down because of h1n1. administrators have worked around the clock to figure out what they would need to continue home education. they are looking at several options. students here in many districts around the nation do not have computers and often if they have computers that do not have internet access. they also look at television and radio as other options, but they are not feasible right now,
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either, so they will just go with paper pockets. they are not that high tech, but it was one passed down from the department of education, and they will be delivered to six students weekly. heather: what is the protocol now? >> teachers work with students every day, and they are the first line of defense. if they see a student displaying symptoms, they will give them one of these maps, 7 to the nurse's office to get them away from other children, and wait for their parents to pick them up. is the first day of school behind me, and they're looking how to properly wash their hands, sanitized, trying to prevent the spreading of this disease. heather: we have heard about
11:16 am
certain cities, like new york, hit by swine flu. how was milwaukee last year? >> the commissioner for the district and the city was hurt really hard. 16 schools in the spring or shutdown. we're told that more will be this year, as though they want to do everything they can to keep them open, they want the threshold to be higher. but if have to shut down a school to keep kids safe, that is what they will do. heather: fox news has all the information you need. go to the web site and enter h1n1 into the search. there you will find answers to all your questions. some schools are telling kids not to hug other students or shake hands. jon: i thought it was over with in the spring, but maybe it will come back and rear its ugly head. an interesting situation right now on interstate 45 in
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mansfield, mass., southeast of boston. an airplane has landed there. probably some kind of engine problem, perhaps fuel starvation. that is the most frequent cause of airplane problems. in this case, it looks like the nose gear collapsed. whether that was part of the reason that the pilot decided to set down or whether it was a result of very quickly landed on an interstate highway, one never knows. at any rate, shut down right now, and we have these live pictures from norton, mass., southeast of boston, interstate 495 closed as they try to get the airplane off the highway. if you have ever driven in boston, you know it will not be fun trying to get that taken care of. reports from the state patrol are that there are no injuries. heather: as casualties rise in
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afghanistan, the white house may continue to send more troops to raise security there. will liberals put pressure on the president to reverse course? plus, fighting crime with you to -- youtube. police catching crooks, but their home has been robbed again. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪ ♪ which one's me - a cool convertible or an suv? ♪ ♪ too bad i didn't know my credit was whack ♪ ♪ 'cause now i'm driving off the lot in a used sub-compact. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free credit report dot com, baby. ♪ ♪ saw their ads on my tv ♪ thought about going but was too lazy ♪ ♪ now instead of looking fly and rollin' phat ♪ ♪ my legs are sticking to the vinyl ♪ ♪ and my posse's getting laughed at. ♪ ♪ f-r-e-e, that spells free- credit report dot com, baby. ♪ gathering dust, as pollen floats through the air.
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jon: u.s. commanders and afghanistan say they are concerned about rising violence there. president obama is forced to confront the issue. he might face pressure from liberals if the situation continues.
11:22 am
we have the director of an organization for veterans. it could force obama to retreat on what he now calls a war of necessity. it seemed like the president is having more problems from the left than right. your thoughts? >> it will be a debate on both sides of the aisle, and i do not think that will matter. the president likes the debate and will encourage it.
11:23 am
we will see what all presidents will do, and that is what is best for the people. jon: president obama was saying afghanistan is what we should be doing. george bush took his eye off the ball, took us into iraq and so forth. how could that president and try to extricate what the job does? >> the president has not laid out to congress what he wants to do. democrats would put us in a position of weakness rather than short strength. we need to make sure the border does not become a safe haven for terrorists.
11:24 am
>> in coming weeks, we will hear from them. we will see what generals recommend and make decisions to keep them safe. >> this is not a new issue. the president talked about in his campaign. you would think he would be ready to take it on. now that terrorists are not waiting. they are not waiting for the president to come up with a plan for how to deal with this.
11:25 am
jon: 12 to 18 months is not realistic. especially with new trips the president has ordered in. >> if you look at the bush administration, where they took their eye off the ball, returned to iraq, and left the situation in afghanistan where an obama -- osama bin laden was, to say you criticize president obama for that is humorous. president obama inherited something that he is dealing with, and he is going to do what is best for the american public. i think we should not have amnesia about those years we took off the ball there. >> the president and congress
11:26 am
wanted to pass health care in three months. they wanted it done by the summer. if they are going to move on something, they can move it immediately. we're going to get moving on afghanistan. heather: the wildfire keeps growing, with an evacuation order posted not just for homes, but for animal sanctuaries. how do you get wild animals of harm's way? maybe you do not. we are going to talk to the president of an exotic animal preserve for her plan about protecting animals. an al qaeda sponsored groups are looking to go after an anchorwoman. lp?7
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jon: taking a look at interstate 495 near austin. 30 minutes ago, a small plane came down on i-45 -- near boston. they are shut down, crawling by on the shoulder of the road. the fire department got there and spread of fire retardant foam. there might have been a fuel leak. you can see the and nose gear has collapsed, and there are
11:31 am
reports that it hit some kind of bridge or a bridge abutment as it was coming down. if you are a pilot, you do not have an engine, you do not have a lot of choices in terms of what you can put down. very often, they always tell you in flight school, look around as you are flying and think, if your engine quit, where which to put this thing down? this pilot adopted for the interstate, and apparently, everything turned out ok. there were no injuries, but he had kind of an abutment or something that caused the nose gear to collapse. if you do not have an engine, you cannot pick your landing spot. we will keep you updated. heather: top story, ragin wildfires north of los angeles. people are not the only ones in
11:32 am
danger. at least on animal sanctuary is in trouble. the shamb ala reserve hosts blinds and tigers that once belonged to michael jackson. the big cats are not going anywhere, because the head of the animal preserve is vowing to stay put, saying that staff are willing to fight flames on their own to keep the animals safe. the sanctuary was found by a movie star who joins us now by phone. what is making decide to not evacuate? >> we have a good relationship with the fire department, and with our meetings with them and my staff, everyone has said we will with the state where we are and let the fire department do
11:33 am
their job, and we will do ours. we never really good fire plan, and an emergency plan -- we have a good fire planned an emergency plan. heather: you are putting your lives at risk. >> no, actually, the fire department has been here. we had three rigs here yesterday and fortunately, the wind moves us away so we are fine. heather: but you are still under a mandatory evacuation orders. how do you prepare for something like this? do you go through actual drills? >> yes, we go through fire
11:34 am
drills every six weeks, we have an acre body of water from our lake, to water tanks with hoses, and we have carriers made out of steel, and each one has its own trailer. heather: why not just evacuate, put the animals in cages and put them away so they are safe and your stuff is safe. >> we would certainly do that. it was absolutely necessary, we would do that. you have to understand, we have over 100 degree weather right now. and to put those animals in those carriers, we have designated spots east of us and west of us.
11:35 am
and we have places to take am, and the fire department would give us four hours notice, 324 hours if they think the fire is going to be affected. >> if things look bad enough, you say you will evacuate? >> absolutely. absolutely. heather: philosophically, do you believe that firefighters risked their lives to save you? >> they risk their lives saving everybody in a fire. heather: but people who choose to stay during mandatory evacuation orders? >> it is up to the situation. the fire department does not want to have to rule us, for us to move out. first of all, it would be 64 carriers going down a road, which makes it very difficult.
11:36 am
it does not have an across streets. there is no way that fire trucks could get around. it would be hard to get around. heather: if you decide to evacuate, how do you get at the animals and colleagues out there? >> it would just happen. we would get them out if it is absolutely necessary. we have a fire rigs between my house and the office right now, and they keep watch. they are so good. it is absolutely amazing. heather: we are taking a look at you right now with those firefighters, so you must have a good relationship with them.
11:37 am
we wish you and the creatures they're the best of light. thank you for joining us by phone from california. we remember her from "the birds and." -- "the byrds." -- "the birds." jon: emergency crews in barack, calif., are racing against time, trying to persuade local to hightail it out of town before a monster hurricane hits. the hurricane packs winds of 145 miles an hour, a dangerous category 4 storm. a lot of people have wanted to leave, fearing that their possessions will be stolen or washed away if they do. but much of their homes are made of plastic sheeting and would, sustained by could prove deadly.
11:38 am
>> a 145 miles an hour sustained wind, still a category for, and it looks like the storm is going 3 replacement cycle, which means getting it is trying to get stronger. you can see the i trying to be well-defined once again. so it is a strong category form -- four storm. again, category four could make landfall overnight tonight on the west coast of baja. a lot of folks are still in place, wondering where this storm will eventually make landfall. further up the coast, temperatures and waters become cooler, so that will help decrease the momentum of this storm. eventually crossing over the gulf and we could see the potential for this storm to reemerge into arizona and get heavy rainfall in that area. it looks like i have lost my
11:39 am
map. i apologize. but i will say we will be watching the hurricane and weather conditions across southern california. temperatures will be 95 and again today. jon: imagine a picture of the baja peninsula. >> in all honesty, it is a dangerous storm, and i will continue to monitor it throughout the day. jon: any potential for rain? >> is sometimes, san diego will get moisture, but it will not make its way out. there are maps, back again like that. heather: time now for another quick check on wall street. the dow down 156 points right
11:40 am
now. the auto industry may be hurting, but cool wheels are always hot, of course. jenna is at the classic car club in new york. before we talk about cars, let's talk about the dow. down about wondered 58 points or so, which is a nice little dip from where we started off this morning. what do you think may be going on here? >> i am sitting in a 97 portia, so i do not have that data in front of me. but we did have a sentiment shift in the middle of the market where we went from positive to negative territory. they say that september is the month to watch. so you have a lot of nervous investors on wall street, playing in to the markets today.
11:41 am
i wanted to show you this car because this is what james dean's favorite car was. you might recognize it, because in the "top gun" movies, this is what chased tom cruise down the highway. you pay $8,000 to $20,000 for a membership and you are able to borrow one of these and 50 different cars here. a lot of them are classics, but a lot of them are modern cars. i've want to bring you here to the 1966 mustang and a 1966 in general. you have lyndon johnson as president, the supremes were on the top of the charts, and this car has more than 60,000 units off the lots in 1966. just a second year for the ford
11:42 am
mustang, one of the most important cars in history, and the first affordable american sports car. so this is a 2007 mustang, very special, one of 500 made in the world. you can see the lenny is between the two cars. they look like the same family. this car cost about $2,300 in 1966, roughly $15,000 in today's money. i am showing you that two cars together to talk about how this club works. the reason why it is working right now is that families went out and bought it because they had to have it. people do not feel the same way about their cars today, and that is why they are trying to play catch-up and make their new generation look like the other generation. so we will watch sales today as we continue to watch the market. back to you.
11:43 am
jon: american families did not buy the mustang. heather: guys going 3 midlife crisis, perhaps. jon: we will take you back out to california. the fire is such a serious situation. they are at least a week away from getting this thing under control, and you can tell that this is a monster. two firefighters killed, more that 50.
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11:47 am
as you can tell, the images are clear, and we hope to make them clearer. they terrorized their poor dog, seen here, one of the bad guys to run a chair at it. here is the crime stopping a couple. this is the second time you were burglarized in the past year. your house is fairly new. >> this is the second time. jon: and you had images of thieves that time, also? >> yes, we had a camera that then, also, and we captured it on video. in an attempt to get the word out, which posted on youtube. jon: we're narrating these pictures as they go along. an suv pulls up and one of the guys knocked on the front door, made for nobody was home, apparently, and then they come
11:48 am
up to the back and basically kick it in, right? >> that is right. they kick in, they come in and immediately picked up a barstool. like you mentioned, they attack our dog. jon: we are going to show that video there. they threw a barstool let your dog? -- at your dog? >> yes, she was barking at them, doing her job. and you see someone picked up a stool, lunging at her in case she attacks. she did not. my dog has had a hard time. she is a hurricane katrina out rescue dog. she survived that been, and she has been through too robbery's right now. she is pretty shaken up. jon: what did she do?
11:49 am
>> she is a smart preacher found her opportunity to run out the door, and we saw another dog that ran out at the same time and ran about 1 mile away to the neighbor's house, ran straight to safety. they did a great job. jon: there is your dog up on screen now. we have four individuals face shots of the thugs who broke into your house. i like your attitude. you are urban pioneers, right? you live in an area that is not the greatest, but you want to take it back, make it could again, and get these guys behind bars. >> yes, we have a wonderful community, but we have seen some crime. we are not people who will sit back. we're trying to do the best thing we know, fight back using what tools we have, which in
11:50 am
this case is technology, the power of the internet, and a tight-knit group of friends and neighbors. jon: good for you. i hope that our viewers recognize these guys and call the cops. heather: a brave tv anchor puts the public spotlight on terrorists, and makes herself a target of death threats. plus, why your kid's waistlines could be determined by where you live. we will give you both sides of the argument in just a minute. bicycle, i've missed you.
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jon: 3 and france sent to the hospital after an suv plows into their day care center -- three infants. no one is injured. still, folks were shaken up.
11:54 am
>> a couple babies are in for observation. i am feeding -- feeling so terrible. this is upsetting. jon: police say 45-year-old woman was behind the wheel, but not hurt. heather: a fearless television anchor is exposing terrorists for who they are. she regularly received death threats. the show airs on al arabia, ace saudi network. tell us about the show. what is the aim? >> to put a focus on al qaeda and other affiliates who have the opposite of glorified attitudes. they get a lot of publicity on various web sites and television channels around the world that sometimes can build them up.
11:55 am
this show intends to show them as groups who can leave a swap of debt and destruction. victims including, of course, lots of muslims, but also victims that would be family members of the terrorists, and terrorists themselves, whom are brainwashed. the name of the show is "the industry of debt." -- "the industry of death." they get up close and personal with jihadists, and that is not an easy task, because these extremists, terrorists, whatever you call them, know what the show is about. but they can take advantage of publicity, so they do make themselves available and tell their own story. really, this is not so much casting judgment, but it is letting them speak in their own words and letting audience see for itself what it is all about. and also bring in analysts who
11:56 am
try to help viewers understand the incredible, a devastating capacity of groups like al qaeda. it is very unusual for an arab news network. they have been mentioned in a osama bin laden's #2 postern grants against western -- osama bin laden's #2's ranch -- ratns against the media. jon: imagine your life going into flames. that is going on for families in southern california whose homes have been destroyed by an out- of-control wildfire. thousands upon thousands more homes are potentially in danger. a news conference with governor
11:57 am
arnold schwarzenegger is just minutes away right now. an alarming details about the suspect accused of kidnapping 11-year-old jaycee dugard 18 years ago, raping her over and over again. a similar crime he was convicted of, and only 11 years were served when he should have spent his whole life behind bars. behind bars.
11:58 am
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute jon: any second from now, arnold schwarzenegger will update us on these fires. during the backyard of a home right now. at how easily as nearby -- adam housely is nearby. this fire is out of control. spreading in every direction, nearly a hundred 90 square miles overnight, and just now 15 miles from downtown los angeles.
12:01 pm
video from the front line here, the flames artist crackling, feet away from homes, plowing through brush and trees, and tires -- entire houses engulfed. everything these people owen is being burned. been the latest we heard is that these homes were gone. is that bill last number? -- is that the last number? >> yes. 53 total structures confirmed as being lost, including our building as well as homes and recreational cabins. jon: and how -- we have heard numbers are around like it could take a week to get under control. certainly it would seem that that number will go much higher.
12:02 pm
>> i am sure you are right. acreage will undoubtedly go a little bit higher than what is already affected. we hope that the containment level achieved goes up as well. jon: is mother nature helping you out all? >> to a minimal degree, but we have not seen any effect to that yet. is still long fight, and the fire is a threatening situation. an angry fire, as stated yesterday. jon: i know you have problems with people that should have stayed in evacuated, and you put people at risk trying to get out in the last minute. >> we tried to stress is that when the evacuation orders are given, particularly if they're mandatory in nature,
12:03 pm
particularly in the urban interface, but in into the national forests, please keep the official warnings and to do not stay, get out. jon: we know that tragically, those firefighters were killed a couple of nights ago when their vehicle the roadsides. people underestimate how fast these fires can move. >> it is dangerous, but we got the best in terms of training and experience here, and they are good, with an admirable safety record. jon: we certainly do wish all of
12:04 pm
them well. you have the best. i hope that they are staying safe. the u.s. forest service in. bruce, thank you. heather: even if there are not natural wins, there are winds coming down from the fires, as adam talked about, creating their own weather pattern. they can carry embers from house to house. so you do not need natural winds to have an impact. battling fires in high heat and bone-dry conditions. they desperately need a break. >> we could have thunderstorms
12:05 pm
by later this afternoon. take a look at the current temperatures. well into the 70's, the 90's and las vegas, and temperatures will continue to be hot and dry over the next couple of days. heat will not let up. highs make it into the '90s, 81 in san diego, and this extreme heat will stick around. this weather pattern will stick until mid-week before we see a little break in the temperatures there. no rain in the forecast, but we have an eye on thunderstorms passing by. warm, low humidity, looking at the forecast for the station fire there. a high of 95 degrees and likely around the same tomorrow. jon: central texas wracked by the first drought in decades. take a look at this. it is lake travis, near austin.
12:06 pm
it was once a massive reservoir, a scenic vacation spot boasting 300 miles of shoreline. there is a lot more doubt. with lead levels so low, there have been interesting things popping up, i'm told. what are you finding? >> later -- lake levels are 40% higher now. you can see to my right what it means. this floating boat dock is brushing up against the bank and you can see green vegetation. looker meteorologist say it is dropping an average of it but a week. people are trying to find some things, and it is interesting. there is an old german sediment ranch house discovered, and
12:07 pm
people on their books just across this is not too long ago. in other cases, other parts of the coast are bone dry right now. authorities have recovered abandoned cars which were either dumped or stolen as early as 1980. really amazing things they're finding out in the water right now. jon: this is a problem for people who depend on their lake for the water, right? >> yes. in rural areas, like a dripping springs south boston, they are hauling in water, because of their wells have gone dry. i am told that a lot of people do not have water to drink, they do not have water to wash clothes with, and they do not have water to shower with.
12:08 pm
>> it goes, and that is it. there you are. you just tell off and do what you have to do. it is really devastating for this whole area. it really is. everyone is in a bind on this situation. this is the worst i have seen, and i have lived in austin since i was 12 years old, and i turn 50 this year. >> central texas is experiencing the hottest summer in record and the third driest. jon: i am trying to get that hurricane to go somewhere and do some good. they must have water restrictions in place, right? >> a lot, including one that affected us. in austin, you actually have to order water to get ice water. when hot homeowners want to keep
12:09 pm
their grass green, they are only allowed to water it bonds and weaker. -- once a week. heather: new outrage over the stimulus bill. the department of transportation is giving way for brand new charter buses creep each one costing five under thousand dollars -- the department of transportation is giving away four chartered buses, each one costing $500,000. molly henneberg is live for us in washington. why are we going buses or private companies? -- why are we buying buses for private companies? >> the spokesperson says he expects us to ride october or november. the buses will be owned by the new hampshire department of transportation and operated by
12:10 pm
companies who also co-owns the boston express. according to the transport commission, the dot is getting this money to purchase four intercity community buses to improve service on the i-95 quarter, the everett turnpike, and another route to. two buses will be used to replace other vehicles, and others will add new service. the $2 billion taxpayer funded price tag will create 425 bus driver and jobs. -- four to five bus driver jobs. in the past couple of weeks, i will give you three examples. the state of alabama was approved for $12.8 million to
12:11 pm
buy 37 buses and 120 fans as well as new construction. savannah in georgia and peoria in eleanor it. but this is what is in -- unclear -- how many jobs will be created with taxpayer dollars. heather: you would think they could come up with another way to raise the money. >> they could always budget state dollars or the private sector could do it. there are other federal grants out there. but that money was up there in terms of the stimulus bill, and states and cities are trying to get what they can out of it. heather: there are so many programs we hear about. every day we hear about another
12:12 pm
program. jon: more to tell you about in the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. what cops have found a suspect's home, and why police thinking might be connected. rformance. one word makes the difference between defining the mission and accomplishing the mission. one word makes the difference in defending our nation and the cause of freedom. how... is the word that makes all the difference. i felt amazingly boxed in. (announcer) joe uses the contour meter from bayer. (joe) my meter absolutely adapts to me and my lifestyle. i'm joe james, and being outside of the box is my simple win. (announcer) now available in five vibrant colors.
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jon: police in california found a bone fragment near the house of phillip garrido, the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard, raping her, and keeping her captive for 18 years. cops are looking into the possibility of him being links to other crimes in the san francisco area. police did not know if the bone of fragment is that of an animal or human. police to not know why he was behind bars for such a short
12:16 pm
time. he was convicted of kidnapping a woman, hand cupping her, and hot tying her, transporting her, and then raping her. he got a 50 year sentence and served 11? >> yes. there is a chapter about increasing the percentage, but as of now, it is chatter. jon: this was not just a california or nevada conviction. he was supposed to serve a second term in nevada, which he never served. who dropped the ball here? >> it is tough to say. this is a general statute that
12:17 pm
will have to be examined. jon: in a federal case, it is difficult to say. jon: if he had done at two years of the sentence, jaycee dugard would still be with her family, living a normal life. >> that is safe to say. jon: tell us about the search that revealed this bone fragment. it was next door? >> right. it extended to the neighboring house. it was occupied, it had a bone
12:18 pm
fragment. it was difficult to determine if it were animal or human. jon: there are plenty of animal bones around, but it certainly raised suspicions. thank you for joining us. heather: tough fight over fighting terrorism. who is better at it? the white house is responding to dick cheney's interview dealing with terror suspects. klaus, a massive wildfire. more than 50 songs and other buildings destroyed so far. thousands more threatened, and countless lives disrupted. the latest, plus one in live briefing from arnold schwarzenegger. so now we've turned her toffee into a business.
12:19 pm
my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. robert shapiro: we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side.
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jon: who is better at dealing with terrorism? it depends who you ask. the white house is firing back after dick cheney's and be with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." jim jones is saying president obama's approach has resulted in capturing or killing more terrorists than that of president george w. bush. here is what the former vice president said earlier this week to chris wallace. >> i have serious doubts about his policies, especially about the extent of which he understands and is prepared to do what needs to be done to defend the nation. jon: it seems the white house lost again on the record in rebuttal to what mr. cheney said.
12:23 pm
>> it is significant, because what he was doing was seemingly questioning the very fitness of barack obama to be commander in chief. he talked about serious doubts about whether obama understands and is willing to do what needs to be done to counter the threat we face of global terrorism. that is a strong criticism, and i think that the white house had to come back and rebut that. to come back with the rebuttal, and say that we are more harsh on terror than the bush administration, i am not sure that supplies. you are not even allowed to use the term war on terror. you're supposed to call it an overseas contingency operation. they are treating terrorism more as a criminal offense than an act of war. so for them to come out without numbers to say they are taking
12:24 pm
more out than bush did, i'm not sure that will fly. you cannot say that bush was to forward leaning, to the point they were alienating allies and so forth. and then say, well, actually, we're getting rid of more terrorist and doing it by having a global coming together. i think the " from general jones was that we're seeing results indicating more captures and debt of radical leaders and a global coming together. i am not sure how it results and that other than having tariff for a cleaning -- for cleaning
12:25 pm
tactics. so i would like to see the numbers backing up these claims and i would not be surprised if this triggered another volley from cheney, because it is like we're waving a red flag to say, hey, we're doing a better job with terrorism than you did. jon: we cannot say war on terror, but the spokesman actually used those words yesterday. was that a slip up? >> it may have been. robert gibbs noted it. just three weeks earlier, one of the top officials in the obama administration said that the president does not what that term used. the war is a reality and has become so ingrained throughout the years that even the president's's spokesman have trouble refraining from that
12:26 pm
reality and lets it slip that, yes, we're still on a war on terror, despite assertions to the contrary. jon: all right. thank you, bill. heather: a brand new study that might save your life. a few changes in your life style could prevent nearly 40% of breast cancer cases in the united states. we will tell you when we come back in a moment. with something spicy. then something crunchy, then something new... like wood-grilled shrimp with a tangy teriyaki glaze. and after that, you can do it all again. it's endless shrimp. indulge in endless choices of your favorite shrimp dishes. while the shrimp are endless, this offer isn't. come in now for the best value of the year. at red lobster.
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jon: the devastating wildfires burning out of control, especially the big nine and by los angeles. it is about 15 miles from downtown los angeles, known as the station fire. arnold schwarzenegger is going to be taking to the podiums any time now to update us on the latest numbers, but this thing is hot, big, and growing. it covers 190 square miles, twice the size of seattle. it is threatening about 12,000 homes. new evacuations under way as firefighters struggled to prevent the flames from wiping out entire communities. we understand that many of these areas have not burned before, which is why it is so hot.
12:31 pm
>> there are a lot of homes in danger, jon. this is an area called act and, below the 14 freeway. these were the homes in danger. this is a mandatory evacuation zone. yesterday we did see flames and smoke just over the line, and they were concerned that the flames would advance in this direction. that has not happened yet. certainly would help a lot is that weather conditions have improved. we have seen moister and rain, and as of 8:00 pacific time, the attacks have begun again. we have seen helicopters and fixed-winged aircraft to hold the flames at bay. you talk about this affair been a huge -- it is now the biggest
12:32 pm
in los angeles county in about a century. as you said, almost 200 square miles. certainly not the most destructive fire, however. they're talking about anywhere between 50 and 70 structure so far that have burned, not necessarily homes. there are not a lot of homes in the area. we're talking dutch jets, out houses, trailers haul. we still do not know how many have burned at this time, and are riders are telling nasa there just concentrate on fighting the fire out. -- now they are just concentrating on firing the fire. we have over 320 homes evacuated. i can tell you, about half the people in this area decided they would not evacuate the area. they wanted to stay and defend their homes. it has been a difficult
12:33 pm
situation for firefighters. we had a situation yesterday with five people in an area that had been evacuated last saturday. they said, hey, we need help, because they were surrounded by fire. they were not able to get there, but fortunately, the fire went in a different direction. the were ok. but it prevents a typical situation for these crews, especially when they need to respond to these areas. also, people decided to seek shelter in a hot tub. those people unfortunately bore critically burned and sent to area hospitals. as it stands at this time, the situation is a little better than what was expected. they expected a little cool down, but no containment until september 15.
12:34 pm
jon: so the weather is helping out. >> yes, we have some cloud cover. gets really hot, and that could burn off. we did have a lot of wind. it is not a wind-driven fire. but we did have a lot of dry brush. when you get any fire here, it spreads quickly. jon: if you can get to an area where you can take pictures, we have seen some amazing things from viewers. go to the web site and send pictures if you can do so safely. it can also go to, of " pictures and videos. again, please stay safe.
12:35 pm
heather: according to regulations, you are supposed to clear up brush around your area. so many people do not do that. heather: we are tracking the hurricane, a category for monster getting even stronger, packing winds near one of the 55 miles an hour, just shy of a catastrophic category five. emergency workers in mexico are trying to evacuate thousands as it barrels towards the resort- studded southern tip of the peninsula. forecasters say it could get even stronger as it closes in. how is this looking so far? >> it is exp to weaken it just a little bit as it
12:36 pm
continues to move northwest, so it will continue to lead to the southern tip by tonight, central portions by tomorrow. it is still a category for, although it has weakened slightly. forward speed is maintained over the next couple of days, and it will affect california, anywhere from 10 inches to 15 inches of rain could be possible as the system moves in. we can hold onto hope that there will be some rain from the
12:37 pm
moisture, or at least the areas that needed in the southwest will get some much-needed rain. in the meantime, we're looking at some very hot conditions that will persist. 95 for the high, very warm, low humidity, and hot temperatures are expected to stick around for the next couple of days, along with low humidity. wind will stay low for the next couple of days, as well. jon: figures just out, up about 17% from august 1 year ago. what everyone is wondering is, will there be any kind assure room traffic now that the cash for clunkers program has ended?
12:38 pm
conversely, chrysler is down 15%, and analysts say it is because chrysler did not have to stock of fuel-efficient cars on hand. heather: the main factor between 11,000 car crashes each year is binge drinking. what is the likelihood of getting behind the wheel after binge drinking? a new study says one in 10 of them got behind the wheel after drinking heavily. of those, more than half got in their car after treaty at a bar or other establishment. a new study about breast cancer
12:39 pm
prevention. the institute for cancer research showed that cases could be prevented and when and if they maintain a healthy weight, drank less, exercise more, and breast feed their babies. the program recommends 30 minutes a day of exercise and suggests that maine should -- men should limit alcohol to two drinks a day, and women should have just more -- just one. jon: arnold schwarzenegger is about to bring a news conference in california. the station fire burning -- it appears at this point to talk right now. are we going to take this? yes, we are.
12:40 pm
>> good morning everybody. i want to say thank you for the briefings i just got from various different people. i want to thank chief dale walters for the briefing and also a deputy chief from california fire. we also have with us lute olson , from the professional firefighters association. we have a lot of fires across california. from northern border to the
12:41 pm
south. but we're very fortunate that we have the best and most aggressive, best-trained, most courageous firefighters in the world. that is why we're able to push back very heavily. but with all the fires burning, we are already thinking about working to help victims rebuild their lives. we're trying to boost recovery efforts, waving fees. i also ask a franchise tax board to assist victims with tax extensions and relief from fees. will also declared a state of emergency for people in various counties, and had an emergency
12:42 pm
designation for san birdied zero county. this will cut through red tape and free up additional resources for the response and recovery efforts, also. i want people to know we're doing everything we can to save property and your memories. i want everyone to give a big hand to firefighters. one of the things i've heard over and over today is the right thing, it is the coordination. there is coordination with local firefighters and state firefighters and also areas where federal firefighters come
12:43 pm
in. so everyone working together makes this work so well. i also want to say thank you to law enforcement. without it, none of this would be possible, because they have been charged with the evacuation and protecting homes and getting people back to their homes and so on. so we want to thank law enforcement for their great effort. a lot of times, it questions about, do we have enough money? we will stand here today -- we would not have any money to date if i accepted the budgets as they were submitted. the reserve is so important. when you get here, with fires coming up or the state of california since the beginning
12:44 pm
of the year, you need this kind of money in the reserves. that is why i am so happy. actually, everywhere. it is important for everyone to know that we have the money available to fight the fires, no matter how many we have. we have the money available. but you should also understand it is important to pass the emergency response initiative, which i have been fighting for, because it will give us extra, more than $100 million in fighting those fires. and we talked about that extensively, how important it is to have extra resources available. that is why i urge legislators to pass this bill and send it to my desk create it is the emergency response initiative,
12:45 pm
giving us extra money to fight those fires. let me give you an update about the briefings. the branch fire, we have around 1,000 acres so far, 40% contained, 2100 structured residences, and about 1140 personnel, fire fighters up there, fighting fires. 95 engines, 10 helicopters, eight bulldozers, and 46 crew is up there. on a state level it is important because the information of 300,000 acres burned so far. right now we have eight major fires. only 78 -- 78 structures destroyed, with personal
12:46 pm
statewide battling the fires. 657 engines at work, 46 helicopter statewide, and two people were killed yesterday at the fires. it saddens me to hear the fires. i want to bring out two important people. dale walters will speak about statewide firefighting activities, and the deputy chief will give you an update on the fires here locally.
12:47 pm
jon: arnold schwarzenegger said there is plenty of money available to fight fires. that is a concern as the state struggles with tremendous budget problems. you heard the governor saying that there's money available and they will get a handle. they certainly have the expertise, dealing with this every year. the fire near los angeles, almost 200 square miles, a huge, un-contained problem. heather: two of the fires are 40% contained, which is good news. and eight total -- he said one of them is basically put out. that is some good news. also declaring an emergency that will help free the flow of federal funds faster to the state. in the meantime, let's take a live look at pictures of the george washington bridge. we are looking just crossed a river in new jersey into new york city. it is an important gateway to
12:48 pm
new york city, and tens of thousand people pass through every day getting to and from work. we are learning that this crucial bank is possibly dangerously exposed. we will tell you the shocking story. next. ?7-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
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12:51 pm
heather: an update now on store from last hour. dan analysts a cop rig to their home in atlanta with security cameras after being robbed. there was a second robbery, and this time, four robbers were caught on tape in the act of ripping them off, kicking, and throwing furniture after dark. we're just learning the police issued an arrest warrant for one of the suspect based on what they saw on the tape. later today will release the suspects's name and we will continue to follow the story for
12:52 pm
you. neighborhood justice. jon: a concerned citizen captures a worker sleeping on the george washington bridge, a crucial gauging commerce and other lives. brian is live with more in new jersey. >> that bright. that is the george washington bridge on the far side of manhattan. 2 million vehicles cross the bridge each and every week. it is a vital artery of commerce in this particular area. it is a suspension bridge. it is guarded, but at times, it was not being guarded very well. pictures here were taken by cyclists to cross the bridge on a regular basis. many times, crossing the bridge,
12:53 pm
he found that the guards were what was going on.atching to hed whhe decided. >> somebody came by with a bomb while this guy was sleeping and decided to detonate the bridge. i could not live with that. >> when the pictures had media and newspapers andv newscasts, two guards seense pictures were fired by the private security firm responsible for guarding this from the port authority. the port authority released a statement, and i have it in part what they said. they said people like joe should do what joe said. they welcome thevigilance ott t isecurity, and we encouragect encounter anything out of the ordinary. this is yet another example of
12:54 pm
citizen journalism at work. people use their cellular phone cameras to take pictures of things they think are wrong and turn them over to the regular media. we have seen cases where subway drivers have not been watching closely and have been turned in by citizens. trolley drivers texting poly try to drive. even the case with an airline pilot who was out drinking too late the night before the early morning flight, all caught by journalists with their point and shoot cameras. just an example, there's absoluy nowhere to hide. jon: thank you very much. if you would like to get on the bandwagon, go to work website -- our website. if you have contributions to make, if you have pictures or video, let us know.
12:55 pm
we would like to see what you have. heather: we will tell you what airline is under the microscope. how your safety might be affected. ling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people.
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don't settle for credit monitoring when you can have... the industry-leading identity theft protection... and lifelock's one million dollar total service guarantee... for less than $10 a month. simply call now and mention free month. call now or go to ♪ jon: troubling news for air travelers. the faa is investigating whether installed faulty parts in their wing. airport. these claims haveç been --ç ps have been allowed to stay in the air. >> some were temporarily grounded over the weekend. çsouthwest and faaç have contd
12:59 pm
discussions on what they plan to do from here. we expect to hear from faa later this afternoon. çjon: hal, and is itç that airplanes are -- how common is it that airplanes are flying around with bad parts? çç>> here is what the executie director of told us today. ç>> ifç there is a problem, ey once in a monday will send an inspector from the faa to do a surprise evaluation. that is the only way they are #nding these unauthorized births. ç>> the problem in this case is they did not have the proper paperwork, so if it is tough to know if they were built up to çjon: thank you.


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